More Fun

How much time do you spend on Facebook?


According to the current data the average person spends 40 minutes plus each day.  That is a lot of time that many would say is not very productive time.  Now what if you used that time to make some extra money? 

For just a few days of this very, very part-time work...heck I wouldn't even consider it could pay for that new pair of shoes you are eyeing or treat yourself to a nice night out...the possibilities are endless!  

We researched several ways to make a few extra dollars, the easy way!

What we found was a well established and trusted site that asked for your opinions and then paid you for them!  And if you love giving your opinion as much as I do then its a natural fit! 

Of course some of us love our social media time.  The best is to have social time and get compensated well outside of social time.

Now that I mentioned going out to eat I am hungry!

What is better than eating a delicious dinner?

I would say...eating a delicious dinner and not having to get out my wallet for it!