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June 08, 2017

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Does the smell of new toys take you back to your childhood?

Or perhaps the smell of baby powder takes you back to when your children were just tiny babies?

What about the scent of pine?  Does it remind you of wonderful (or perhaps horrible) Christmases and holidays?

I know that for me, the smell of the perfume Exclamation! takes me back to 1994, when my half-sister would spray on the perfume and sing along to Roxette’s “Crash Boom Bang!




Just like a place or song can take you back down memory lane, scent is
another one of our senses that can take us back.


When it comes to holistic wellness, memory aromatherapy can add a wonderful layer of comfort, reminiscing, passion, or even focus to our lives.


Memory Aromatherapy came to me as I practiced mindfulness in the shower, inhaling the familiar aromas around me.

Memory aromatherapy is not to enhance memory, but rather to bring up past feelings that we want to relive, and to create new ones.



Memory aromatherapy has two parts.  Part I is Bringing Up Memories, Part II is Creating Aroma Memories.


Part I: Bringing Up Memories


When we bring up memories through scent, what we are really doing is bringing up emotions.


Why would we want to do this?

Well, because we all need a little pick-me-up every now and then.

Suppose you want to remember your dear grandmother, who has passed away.  Perhaps a few quiet moments inhaling her perfume can allow you to feel her presence, and inspire the happy memories you both shared.

Or suppose you haven’t been feeling much like yourself lately.  You’d like to remember a time when you were more bold, confident, and daring.  Perhaps the smell of a certain lotion, hairspray, or roll-on glitter will remind you of who you used to be, and how you can honor who you are now.




Part II: Creating Aroma Memories

Here is the really fun part.

You can use specific aromas to serve your specific needs.

This takes a little time and consistency, but after about two weeks, you will see results.


Do you have a certain candle, outfit, or perfume that “gets you in the mood”?  That’s the basic idea with aroma memories, only it is not limited to sex and passion.  You can create a mood of relaxation, concentration, high-energy, and more.



All you have to do is stick to one aroma per one activity~ it is very important that you keep the aroma exclusive to the one activity.  This can be a perfume, lotion, body spray, candle, or essential oil.

Here are some ideas:

  • Use orange-based scents during times of high-activity, such as dancing, cleaning, or exercising.  When you are feeling lethargic, use the orange-based scent to induce higher-energy.


  • Set aside a perfume or body spray that you use ONLY when making love.  You will find the effects on yourself and your partner ~ as they will be turned on any time they get a whiff of the scent!


  • Buy a specific, unique-smelling candle for the times when you need to focus.  Light this candle only when doing focused work.  Your mind will get used to the scent, and as soon as you light it, it will prompt your mind to think “time to focus!”


  • If you have to be in areas of high-stress (such as a job that you dislike), make sure that you never, ever wear the same fragrance while at home.  Pick a scent exclusively for work, then wash it off as soon as you get home.  This will help you separate the feeling of the job from the wonderful feelings you should feel at home.


The possibilities are endless, so get super-creative with scent!



Bright Blessings )O(

~*Moody Thursday*~


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