8 Freaky Ways Essential Oils Could Get You Fired

July 15, 2016

8 Freaky Ways Essential Oils Could Get You Fired

Do you work just enough not to get fired?

If so, these 8 ways could push you over the edge and get you fired.

Essential oils have many excellent benefits. You might not think it’s possible to get fired because of your use or love for essential oils. Think again. Essentials oils could have you job searching before you know it.

Falling Asleep at Work: Several oils help you fall asleep. Lavender is at the top of the list, but chamomile, bergamot, and ylang-ylang also help induce sleep. While keeping lavender or any of these sleep-promoting oils on hand for bedtime is a grand idea, you might want to reconsider indulging while at work. Unless you have a stressful job or, like to take naps during lunch time. There’s nothing like an under the desk, yoga mat rest.

Being Accused of Being High: Certain essential oils have been known to induce a high feeling. For example, lemon oil is said to give a high feeling if misused. Lavender may have the same effect. Most of the essential oils that produce a psychedelic feeling do so by being ingested. It’s pretty unsafe. You might find yourself job searching with medical bills from an unnecessary hospital visit as well.

Being Accused of Being Low: If you’re usually an upbeat person, any change in behavior other than that could spark discussion about your wellbeing. A few essential oils create a very calming effect. Clary Sage produces a calming feeling.

Get Caught Pampering Yourself: Essential oils are perfect for pampering yourself. You can use essential oils to groom your nails and toes. They’re also great for hair care as well. Rosemary oil is great for preventing dandruff and peppermint oil promotes hair growth. You may want to limit the use of essential oils at work to lunch break.

Out Smarting Your Boss: Clary Sage oil, geranium oil, and grapefruit oil are just a few of the essential oils that help you focus. Using a few drops of one of these oils during a quick self-massage before meetings may have you thinking outside the box. If you have a boss that doesn’t like you to share your ideas, be careful with essential oils that promote clear thoughts.

Causing a Fire: Be careful when using essential oils in a warmer or otherwise. Essential oils are flammable. If you use essential oils at work, steer clear of open flame including cigarettes. You don’t want to be the reason anything at work goes up in flames.

Getting Caught Selling Essential Oil Lotions: Essential oils can be added to lotions to give them added benefits and a great fragrance. You can get creative with blends. Before you know it, people will be asking you about the scent you’re wearing. Direct them to the place you purchase your oils from and share you tip if you’d like but refrain from selling your unique mixture at work. Most employers have rules against that.

Taking Care of an Itch During a Meeting:  Peppermint, lemongrass, and citronella oils may cause an itchy irritation. Be sure to test these out before using them at work. The last thing you want to do is to be the person with itchy scratchiness at a major board meeting.