10 Ways to Use Essential Oils with Kids

June 20, 2017

10 Ways to Use Essential Oils with Kids

Essential oils.

Have you heard of them?

They’ve been life changing for my family.  While I thought I would use essential oils to make sugar scrubs, to clean around the house, and to make play dough, I had no idea how much I would use essential oils as an extra tool in my parenting tool belt  (so to speak).

Since we started using essential oils, my kids won’t go to bed without lavender oil.  It’s amazing how much we’ve come to rely on our oils throughout the day.  That’s why I’m thrilled to share these simple ways I use essential oils with my kids every day!


10 Ways to Use Essential Oils with  Young  Kids

If you are interested in some information about essential oil dilution for kids, please check this out.  

1.) Diffuse lavender oil before bedtime.  We all know how important routine is before bedtime, but this added step engages kid’s  sense of smell and helps kids get ready for sleep.

2.)  Send your kids off to school with a little peppermint on their wrists. It is such a happy smell and is a great jump start to the day!  It is easy to apply in a rollerball container with a carrier oil!

3.) Clean and dust their bedrooms with a DIY lemon spray. It will leave the space smelling crisp and clean.

4.)  Use PanAway to rub on muscles after a long day of play or sports practice. This oil is so soothing!  This is one that you will want to apply in small quantities with kids – I use a carrier oil.

5.)  Supporting a calm environment is essential with kids!  We rub a dab of Lavender on the back of their necks, have them take some deep breaths while we count to five and then start playing again.  This little “break” helps me calm down, too!

6.)  Every kid has some type of fear that they face and my kids are no exception.  We rub Peace & Calming essential oil on my kid’s  ears just above the ear lobe to help soothe them!

7.) Diffuse, diffuse, diffuse.  My kids love taking turns deciding on which oil to diffuse into the air.  We have found several oils that make us happy like lemon and peppermint!

8.)  Make a monster spray for kids to keep next to their bed when they get spooked at night. Just use a spray bottle with water and their favorite oil. (Bonus points if you can use SleepyIze to relax them!)

9.) I diffuse Purification next to where I change my son’s diapers to eliminate the smell.  How does this help my parenting?  You’d be amazed at how much happier you can be when you and your house aren’t smelling like a dirty diaper all day long… just saying.

10.) At bath time, my kids love adding an essential oil to the water.  We like Lavender because it is such a calming oil which seems fitting before bedtime.