...having or showing the qualities or abilities that merit recognition in a specified way.

My name is Kristina and I want to welcome you to Worthy Essentials.  We choose the word “worthy” because we feel that everything has qualities that deserve recognition. 

Mother Earth has provided us with so much that deserves our recognition. One of those are the natural aromas found in essential oils. We are glad you are here to embark on exciting ways to take your favorite aromas with you!

We love essential oils. We use them daily to help with all areas of our life!

The story of Worthy Essentials started a few years ago when I developed a love for essential oils after learning about the powerful benefits they can deliver!

In less than a month I was absorbed into some of the more common oils like Lavender (for its relaxation benefits), Lemon (for its fresh scent and cleaning benefits), Eucalyptus (for health benefits) and the list goes on.

The problem was I didn’t have an easy way to bring the oils with me (while I was on the go with my young son) and enjoy the benefit of breathing in their aromas.

That was until I saw a young women wearing a miniature perfume bottle around her neck and got the idea of using jewelry to carry the essence of my favorite essential oils.

So I went home and found an old photo locket I had kept since I was a little girl – it still had a picture of my beautiful dog, Diggity, and cat, Sherlock, from when I was 12 (God rest their souls.) I removed their pictures and poked a few holes in the thin aluminum. Cut the tip off a q-tip, placed a couple drops of Peppermint (it was around Christmas time) on the cotton tip, placed it in the locket and wah-lah I had my very own essential oil diffuser necklace!

But don’t worry…

The diffusers we make now are a LOT better than that first one I Frankensteind (is that word?) together. However, if you ever feel that our products are not worthy for any reason we will refund or replace them, no questions asked.  Just email us at support (at) worthyessential (dot) com.

Before I explain what you can expect from us I want to let you know of another way you can receive our products for FREE! We even pay for S/H!

Every few weeks we hold a drawing to giveaway some of our favorite essential oil products. All you have to do is enter and you will be entered to WIN!

Yes, it’s that easy!

Just go to:

==> worthyessentials.com/giveaway

So, here is what you can expect from us…

We’ll publish fresh content once or twice a week on our site, Facebook or Instagram page.

We’ll also send you emails about any promotions we are having (and we have a REALLY good one coming up so keep a look out for it in your inbox!) as well as information that could help you on your path to better health using what nature provided us.

Sound fair?


I know if you got to this point you feel like you have read a lot.  I wanted to write a lot so you can get to know myself and WorthyEssentials.  Below is some more information about us.

Make worthy moments!

Your friends, your family and your wellness all have an integral part in making worthy moments.  Life is not meant to be observed, Facebooked, Tweeted, or ignored while we pay attention to other things. It’s meant to be lived.

To experience life to its fullest—to really live life—you have to take part and it’s hard to do that when you’re not at your best. Mother Nature knows a few things about life, living it, and feeling your best and we feel the best way to have optimal wellness—the best way to experience life to its fullest—is to use the power of Mother Nature. This power brings with it incredible health benefits. Health benefits that can change your life.

That’s why we are so passionate about essential oils. When you’re holding a vial of oils, you’re holding nature’s pure essence. You’re holding something that is much more powerful than the botanicals from which it’s derived. These oils, we’ve found, are essential to wellness and making those worthy moments.

That’s why we’ve designed jewelry that acts as an oil diffuser—so you can take a little bit of nature’s strength wherever you go.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee: (Our Worthy Pledge) – If our products are not worthy for any reason we will refund or replace them, no questions asked. We also show other essential oil products from Amazon.

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We are located in sunny Phoenix, AZ.  You can email us at support (at) worthyessentials (dot) com

Thanks and make it a Worthy Day!